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WordPress ListMaker

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WordPress ListMaker is a small utility to make an index - or sitemap - of your WordPress-based blog. It utilizes MetaWeblog API metaWeblog.getRecentPosts XML-RPC call to get your blogs from the server. It is theoretically possible to use WordPress ListMaker on any blog engine that supports MetaWeblog API, but this has not been tested.

You can see my blog index as an example of the WordPress ListMaker output. Note that the index will follow/use the theme of your blog.

WordPress ListMaker is fully free and licenced under Mozilla Public License Version 1.1. Source can be aquired by sending an email asking for it - but why would anyone want a source for something that simple is beyond me. is a great blogging platform - good themes, nice features and good-looking skins. However, there is one feature that has been annoying the heck out of me - WordPress doesn't allow making index of all posts that you have. I have no idea why, especially since it is about 30 minutes of coding in PHP... has a FAQ entry about making an index, but, quite frankly, that is one stupid way to make index page. Of course, you can do the page manually, but that would require updating that page ever so often - and unless you started from the beginning, you have dozens or even hundreds of posts that need to be added - and that is definitely not fun...

You could do your own PHP index page creator - but, if you have blog in, like I do, you just cannot access the PHP code... and besides, I've never been all that good in PHP.

So I decided to make an external list maker. It is not fully automatic, but it is definitely better than nothing.



Using WordPress ListMaker

  • WordPress ListMaker has no installer, just extract all files to any folder and run WordPressListMaker2.exe.
  • Fill in the full address of your blog and username/password.
  • Click "Get posts" to start downloading them, that may take from few seconds to few minutes, depending on the amount of posts, speed of your connection and speed of the blog server. You can see the progress - or error messages in the log tab.
  • Tweak the HTML on Code tab if you want to. Switching from Code tab to Preview will update the preview.
  • Click Copy code to clipboard
  • Create a new post or page on your blog - or you can use an existing post/page.
  • Go to tab Code on the Write Post page and paste the the contents of your clipboard there.
  • Voilà! All done, go to Visual section to edit things further or just publish the page.



  • A newer version of Windows (2000 or newer) with .NET framework v2.0 installed. It may be possible to use WordPress ListMaker with Mono on Linux or other platforms.



  • LawdyMama. As always, my first tester, giving me good ideas and keeping my spirit up. Thank you!
  • WordPress for making a great blogging platform.



  • 2.0 (2007/08/15). First release of v2.




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