I'm a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.
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Tipi quotes

  • <Curmudgeon> but hey, i hate daylight savings time, and peanut butter too, so why listen to a curmudgeon?????
  • <Curmudgeon> I'm crazy, not stupid
  • <Curmudgeon> slightly mad? i resent that! im TOTALLY mad!
  • <Curmudgeon> life is simple, ya can look at the right thing, or never get ops, your choice
  • <Curmudgeon> chocolate... CHECK! wine.... CHECK! cheese.... CHECK! viagra.... CHECK! ok, I'm ready!
  • <Curmudgeon> heck, even hobbits want my ass, and they like everybody
  • <Curmudgeon> make no considerations for "but I'm a nice guy", "I'm a great server and have a million files", "hey, you are my buddy", "but I have been here 83 years", or even "but I'm your MOTHER, and carried you for nine months". The real question is your server working TODAY?
  • <Curmudgeon> wet dream when works, nitemare when doesnt
  • <Curmudgeon> hey, i was a cute kid! i just didnt age gracefully
  • <Curmudgeon> hell, try boise idaho, if ya dont hunt, fish, snowmobile, or chase potatoe fed wimmin, nothing to do! hey, wait! i DO all those things!
  • <Curmudgeon> iz a xpert typer, i use TWO fingers
  • <Curmudgeon> "user friendly" == "enough code to stop users from being stupid"
  • <Curmudgeon> lord, just realized gave duke another "tipi" quote
  • <Curmudgeon> lol, its ME thats the gay basher, i bash SO HARD i made FM a master in all my bots, screw the gays, make them WORK!
  • <Curmudgeon> he has two habits, good code, and being a pain in my ass!
  • <Curmudgeon> "oh lord, please save us from your followers"
  • <Curmudgeon> brits.... gays.... there's a diff?
  • <Curmudgeon> delusions are functional, a womans belief in her child's beauty & grace, is what keeps her from drowning the little brat at birth
  • * Curmudgeon is a dirty ol man
    <Curmudgeon> well, maybe a little classier than that, Soiled Senior Citizen
  • <Curmudgeon> i used ta be nice.... then i released scripts. do that long enough, ya learn ta hate the world
  • <FieldMedic> why not? God created gays and lesbians too
    <Curmudgeon> everyone makes mistakes
  • <Curmudgeon> in a flash of pink or is that flesh ... the Curmudgeon makes the dash to the "Dress as you go Commondore teleporter chamber with his cape flowing.. or is that his towel...
  • <Curmudgeon> when some asks if i think im god, the answer is no, god would have mercy
  • <Curmudgeon> joining a channel, is like going into a local pub, make friends BEFORE ya act like a ass, and ya may get away with it
  • <Curmudgeon> not awake yet, after coffee, i'll be ready ta kill the world
  • <Tipi> i am convinced, all the time i wasted writing the docs, woulda been better spent in a whore house

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