I know what nobody knows
Where it comes and where it goes
I know it's everybody's sin
You got to lose to know how to win
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IRC quotes

[06/05/23 15:54:09] <+WizardIII> feeding beri, here
[06/05/23 15:54:36] <+WizardIII> he seems to have survived being hoisted into the ceiling fan, last night
[06/05/23 15:55:02] <@Bookworm> what? eeeeew...do I need to call Social Services?!
[06/05/23 15:55:23] <@Bookworm> can't you take him to the barber, like a normal parent!?
[06/05/23 15:56:11] <+WizardIII> no, no, not a haircut ... we were playing airplane
[06/05/23 15:58:02] <@afaiktoit> and the ceiling fan was the world trade center?
[06/05/23 15:58:42] * +WizardIII groans.

[06/05/24 04:48:17] * @SpankyDaZ can think of 2 reasons for suicide - one is country and the other is western
[06/05/24 04:48:35] <@afaiktoit> hmmm
[06/05/24 04:48:43] <@LawdyMama> exactly, SpankyDaZ.. lolol
[06/05/24 04:48:48] <@afaiktoit> we're nice hicks though
[06/05/24 04:49:19] <@SpankyDaZ> well stop singing about how sad you are cos your womans left you and your dogs died and just get over it
[06/05/24 04:49:35] <@afaiktoit> if I had a woman to leave me I could sing about it
[06/05/24 04:49:56] <@ChronoVore> delete all your porn afaiktoit
[06/05/24 04:50:01] <@zippy1> lol
[06/05/24 04:50:19] <@afaiktoit> think of the sheep you fool!
[06/05/24 04:50:39] <@SpankyDaZ> a server crash killed all me porn, been collecting since fore I was born....
[06/05/24 04:52:57] <@afaiktoit> my hard drive left me with 3 hungry children and a crop in the field
[06/05/24 04:53:29] <@LawdyMama> Kenny Toity
[06/05/24 04:54:26] <@afaiktoit> you picked a fine time to leave me Max Tor
[06/05/24 04:55:05] <@LawdyMama> 4 hungry hard drives and no cable to use
[06/05/24 05:00:15] <@SpankyDaZ> okay, so you're on IRC
[06/05/24 05:00:15] <@SpankyDaZ> That don't impress me much
[06/05/24 05:00:15] <@SpankyDaZ> so you've got the files, but have you ever been touched
[06/05/24 05:00:15] <@SpankyDaZ> Don't get me wrong, your pr0n is alright
[06/05/24 05:00:15] <@SpankyDaZ> But that won't get me off a real person might
[06/05/24 05:00:16] <@SpankyDaZ> That don't impress me much

[06/05/25 08:14:18] <r1zzzz> anyone got some good IQ test bookz ?
[06/05/25 08:15:40] <@afaiktoit> if you have to ask, you're going to fail anyways

[FriJun2306 20:29:14] <Cygfrydd> I step away for five minutes, and we've got LIZARD TRANSVESTITES????

[FriJun2306 20:33:46] <SpankyDaZ> and for that matter - why do they always demonstrate them with blue water?????? I've never seen a blue one in my life
[FriJun2306 20:33:47] <Cygfrydd> My mother used to use 'em when I'd get nosebleeds. :-X
[FriJun2306 20:34:53] <SpankyDaZ> drop em in to a shotglass of water and you can lift the glass up once they've swelled, so how the heck do women get the out again?
[FriJun2306 20:34:56] <Cygfrydd> Those commercials are the WORST.
[FriJun2306 20:35:09] <Cygfrydd> Mother and daughter, schlepping down the beach.
[FriJun2306 20:35:19] <Cygfrydd> "Mom... you you ever get that not-so-fish feeling?"
[FriJun2306 20:35:21] <Cygfrydd> NOT SO FRESH!
[FriJun2306 20:35:22] <Cygfrydd> OMG
[FriJun2306 20:35:26] <Cygfrydd> I meant fresh!!!
[FriJun2306 20:35:55] <Cygfrydd> I was caught up with the whole oceanside mother/daughter talk thing.
[FriJun2306 20:36:08] <Cygfrydd> May as well see it through.
[FriJun2306 20:36:18] <Cygfrydd> "Why yes, dear... that's why these seagulls are following me down the beach..."

[06/08/29 21:35:23] <@Cygfrydd> Right, TechBot?
[06/08/29 21:35:32] * @Cygfrydd patpats TechBot lovingly.
[06/08/29 21:36:11] <@Cygfrydd> Did anyone tell Duke that Techie and I are dating now?
[06/08/29 21:36:31] <@TechBot> I love you too, Cygfrydd
[06/08/29 21:36:55] <@^Tipi^> my god! he's turning my bots!
[06/08/29 21:36:56] * @Cygfrydd blinks. Audibly. *dinkdink*
[06/08/29 21:37:19] * @Cygfrydd completely passes out.
[06/08/29 21:37:23] <@TechBot> What can I say... those curly black hairs
[06/08/29 21:38:01] <@Cygfrydd> I didn't turn anyone!
[06/08/29 21:38:18] <@Cygfrydd> I caught TechBot sneaking peeks at my DCC!
[06/08/29 21:38:28] <@^Tipi^> humpf
[06/08/29 21:38:28] <@TechBot> Yes, you do... I had to turn around
[06/08/29 21:38:30] <@Cygfrydd> Yes... we did, actually.
[06/08/29 21:38:48] <@Cygfrydd> Actually... I had to turn TechBot *over*.
[06/08/29 21:38:48] * @Cygfrydd winks.
[06/08/29 21:39:23] * @LawdyMama does /clear
[06/08/29 21:39:31] * @Cygfrydd rather hopes there aren't any newbies in here right now...
[06/08/29 21:39:38] <@TechBot> thank God for vaseline!
[06/08/29 21:39:39] <@Cygfrydd> I can only imagine what they're thinking.
[06/08/29 21:39:40] <@LawdyMama> me too..
[06/08/29 21:39:42] <@Cygfrydd> NOT THAT!!!
[06/08/29 21:41:09] <@Cygfrydd> OMFG
[06/08/29 21:41:15] * @Cygfrydd *dies*.
[06/08/29 21:42:27] <@TechBrain> Just WHO do you think you are, Cyggy..stealing my man!?!

[06/12/17 20:49:08] <virgil44> grumps e-books
[06/12/17 20:50:57] <@ripXrip> yes, afaiktoit is serving....

[08/04/11 02:54:33] <Cinnamon> not that I noticed... AC Clarke died....
[08/04/11 02:58:46] <SigsPig> ac clarke...writer?
[08/04/11 03:03:36] <Cinnamon> yep
[08/04/11 03:04:01] <Cinnamon> Arthur C(harles, I think) Clarke.
[08/04/11 03:04:50] <afaiktoit> and I had nothing to do with his death
[08/04/11 03:05:17] <Cinnamon> Then I'm sure the investigation will clear you, and you'll be released forthwith.
[08/04/11 04:49:31] <afaiktoit> lawdy is my alibi, I could be in trouble
[08/04/11 04:52:09] <Cinnamon> Yeah, that could be trouble... I remember when she was testifying for Rippy, and spilled the whole kettle of beans about the noodle incident...
[08/04/11 04:52:17] <Cinnamon> You're boned, man... boned...
[08/04/11 04:56:47] <ripXrip> Totally... I got 15 to life..... or 7.99 all you can eat.... I can't remember which, but it was horrible...
[08/04/11 04:59:20] <ripXrip> I'm still traumatized
[08/04/11 05:11:28] <afaiktoit> you're too pretty to go to jail I hear. I on the other hand am perfectly safe

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