Wake up you sleepy head
Put on some clothes, shake up your bed
Put another log on the fire for me
I've made some breakfast and coffee
Look out my window what do I see
A crack in the sky and a hand reaching down to me
All the nightmares came today
And it looks as though they're here to stay
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IRC quotes

[06/05/23 15:54:09] <+WizardIII> feeding beri, here
[06/05/23 15:54:36] <+WizardIII> he seems to have survived being hoisted into the ceiling fan, last night
[06/05/23 15:55:02] <@Bookworm> what? eeeeew...do I need to call Social Services?!
[06/05/23 15:55:23] <@Bookworm> can't you take him to the barber, like a normal parent!?
[06/05/23 15:56:11] <+WizardIII> no, no, not a haircut ... we were playing airplane
[06/05/23 15:58:02] <@afaiktoit> and the ceiling fan was the world trade center?
[06/05/23 15:58:42] * +WizardIII groans.

[06/05/24 04:48:17] * @SpankyDaZ can think of 2 reasons for suicide - one is country and the other is western
[06/05/24 04:48:35] <@afaiktoit> hmmm
[06/05/24 04:48:43] <@LawdyMama> exactly, SpankyDaZ.. lolol
[06/05/24 04:48:48] <@afaiktoit> we're nice hicks though
[06/05/24 04:49:19] <@SpankyDaZ> well stop singing about how sad you are cos your womans left you and your dogs died and just get over it
[06/05/24 04:49:35] <@afaiktoit> if I had a woman to leave me I could sing about it
[06/05/24 04:49:56] <@ChronoVore> delete all your porn afaiktoit
[06/05/24 04:50:01] <@zippy1> lol
[06/05/24 04:50:19] <@afaiktoit> think of the sheep you fool!
[06/05/24 04:50:39] <@SpankyDaZ> a server crash killed all me porn, been collecting since fore I was born....
[06/05/24 04:52:57] <@afaiktoit> my hard drive left me with 3 hungry children and a crop in the field
[06/05/24 04:53:29] <@LawdyMama> Kenny Toity
[06/05/24 04:54:26] <@afaiktoit> you picked a fine time to leave me Max Tor
[06/05/24 04:55:05] <@LawdyMama> 4 hungry hard drives and no cable to use
[06/05/24 05:00:15] <@SpankyDaZ> okay, so you're on IRC
[06/05/24 05:00:15] <@SpankyDaZ> That don't impress me much
[06/05/24 05:00:15] <@SpankyDaZ> so you've got the files, but have you ever been touched
[06/05/24 05:00:15] <@SpankyDaZ> Don't get me wrong, your pr0n is alright
[06/05/24 05:00:15] <@SpankyDaZ> But that won't get me off a real person might
[06/05/24 05:00:16] <@SpankyDaZ> That don't impress me much

[06/05/25 08:14:18] <r1zzzz> anyone got some good IQ test bookz ?
[06/05/25 08:15:40] <@afaiktoit> if you have to ask, you're going to fail anyways

[FriJun2306 20:29:14] <Cygfrydd> I step away for five minutes, and we've got LIZARD TRANSVESTITES????

[FriJun2306 20:33:46] <SpankyDaZ> and for that matter - why do they always demonstrate them with blue water?????? I've never seen a blue one in my life
[FriJun2306 20:33:47] <Cygfrydd> My mother used to use 'em when I'd get nosebleeds. :-X
[FriJun2306 20:34:53] <SpankyDaZ> drop em in to a shotglass of water and you can lift the glass up once they've swelled, so how the heck do women get the out again?
[FriJun2306 20:34:56] <Cygfrydd> Those commercials are the WORST.
[FriJun2306 20:35:09] <Cygfrydd> Mother and daughter, schlepping down the beach.
[FriJun2306 20:35:19] <Cygfrydd> "Mom... you you ever get that not-so-fish feeling?"
[FriJun2306 20:35:21] <Cygfrydd> NOT SO FRESH!
[FriJun2306 20:35:22] <Cygfrydd> OMG
[FriJun2306 20:35:26] <Cygfrydd> I meant fresh!!!
[FriJun2306 20:35:55] <Cygfrydd> I was caught up with the whole oceanside mother/daughter talk thing.
[FriJun2306 20:36:08] <Cygfrydd> May as well see it through.
[FriJun2306 20:36:18] <Cygfrydd> "Why yes, dear... that's why these seagulls are following me down the beach..."

[06/08/29 21:35:23] <@Cygfrydd> Right, TechBot?
[06/08/29 21:35:32] * @Cygfrydd patpats TechBot lovingly.
[06/08/29 21:36:11] <@Cygfrydd> Did anyone tell Duke that Techie and I are dating now?
[06/08/29 21:36:31] <@TechBot> I love you too, Cygfrydd
[06/08/29 21:36:55] <@^Tipi^> my god! he's turning my bots!
[06/08/29 21:36:56] * @Cygfrydd blinks. Audibly. *dinkdink*
[06/08/29 21:37:19] * @Cygfrydd completely passes out.
[06/08/29 21:37:23] <@TechBot> What can I say... those curly black hairs
[06/08/29 21:38:01] <@Cygfrydd> I didn't turn anyone!
[06/08/29 21:38:18] <@Cygfrydd> I caught TechBot sneaking peeks at my DCC!
[06/08/29 21:38:28] <@^Tipi^> humpf
[06/08/29 21:38:28] <@TechBot> Yes, you do... I had to turn around
[06/08/29 21:38:30] <@Cygfrydd> Yes... we did, actually.
[06/08/29 21:38:48] <@Cygfrydd> Actually... I had to turn TechBot *over*.
[06/08/29 21:38:48] * @Cygfrydd winks.
[06/08/29 21:39:23] * @LawdyMama does /clear
[06/08/29 21:39:31] * @Cygfrydd rather hopes there aren't any newbies in here right now...
[06/08/29 21:39:38] <@TechBot> thank God for vaseline!
[06/08/29 21:39:39] <@Cygfrydd> I can only imagine what they're thinking.
[06/08/29 21:39:40] <@LawdyMama> me too..
[06/08/29 21:39:42] <@Cygfrydd> NOT THAT!!!
[06/08/29 21:41:09] <@Cygfrydd> OMFG
[06/08/29 21:41:15] * @Cygfrydd *dies*.
[06/08/29 21:42:27] <@TechBrain> Just WHO do you think you are, Cyggy..stealing my man!?!

[06/12/17 20:49:08] <virgil44> grumps e-books
[06/12/17 20:50:57] <@ripXrip> yes, afaiktoit is serving....

[08/04/11 02:54:33] <Cinnamon> not that I noticed... AC Clarke died....
[08/04/11 02:58:46] <SigsPig> ac clarke...writer?
[08/04/11 03:03:36] <Cinnamon> yep
[08/04/11 03:04:01] <Cinnamon> Arthur C(harles, I think) Clarke.
[08/04/11 03:04:50] <afaiktoit> and I had nothing to do with his death
[08/04/11 03:05:17] <Cinnamon> Then I'm sure the investigation will clear you, and you'll be released forthwith.
[08/04/11 04:49:31] <afaiktoit> lawdy is my alibi, I could be in trouble
[08/04/11 04:52:09] <Cinnamon> Yeah, that could be trouble... I remember when she was testifying for Rippy, and spilled the whole kettle of beans about the noodle incident...
[08/04/11 04:52:17] <Cinnamon> You're boned, man... boned...
[08/04/11 04:56:47] <ripXrip> Totally... I got 15 to life..... or 7.99 all you can eat.... I can't remember which, but it was horrible...
[08/04/11 04:59:20] <ripXrip> I'm still traumatized
[08/04/11 05:11:28] <afaiktoit> you're too pretty to go to jail I hear. I on the other hand am perfectly safe

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